Kimia Yeganeh, EIT, EMIT, CMVP-IT

21-Mar-2019, 9:30 - 10:00AM

Track: 4 - Energy Services

Session: 4B- Commissioning and M&V

4B- Lessons Learned in Measurment & Verification of C&I Projects

Kimia Yeganeh, EIT, EMIT, CMVP-IT

Energy Specialist



As the industrial conservation programs in Ontario have matured, there are many lessons learned from multiple years of measurement and verification (M&V) of various commercial and industrial (C&I) projects across a wide range of industries. Important insights can be drawn on how to improve program design, development of M&V plans, and establishment of accurate baselines. This includes balancing customer needs and regulatory requirements. For example, the regulator has incorporated some of the learning in the recent redesign of their process and systems upgrade program rules (a program that is geared to M&V of complex retrofits).This paper will focus on case studies of compressed air systems and large gas turbine-based cogeneration systems to draw out the insights.


Kimia Yeganeh, EIT, EMIT, CMVP-IT, is an Energy Specialist at CLEAResult’s office in Toronto, Canada. She works on the energy conservation programs, administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), for industrial and large commercial customers in Ontario. As an Energy Specialist, her work involves the review of studies and projects that are eligible for program incentives. In addition, she develops Measurement & Verification plans and reports.


Track: 4 - Energy Services | Session: 4B- Commissioning and M&V

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