Alvaro Pereira, Ph.D.

22-Mar-2018, 9:30 - 10:00AM

Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 4B- Energy Procurement

4B- Integrating Renewables into Strategic Sourcing and Risk Management

Alvaro Pereira, Ph.D.

Director of Supply Consulting,Global Energy Procurement
EnerNOC, Inc

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Now, more than ever, customers have numerous renewable energy options.In the past customers could essentially choose between the use of renewable energy certificates, long-term power purchase agreements, and occasional green (or feed-in) tariffs in a few utility service territories.Today, organizations have choices (in some regions over a dozen alternatives per resource type) in both regulated and deregulated regions, ranging from utility tariffs and green pricing and special contracts (in regulated territories) to physical PPAs, hybrid supply products featuring sleeved renewable PPAs to financial PPAs and community solar/community choice aggregations.Naturally, analysis of these options becomes more complex as different resources (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, biogas-powered fuel cells, etc.) are considered and the number of tax incentives, rebate and grant programs, and other state and national incentives are accounted for in different markets. Integrating these myriad options with energy sourcing and risk management processes and strategies is possible and can yield significant benefits.We discuss some of the approaches and techniques we have employed for our clients and the impacts on energy costs, budgets, and risks.

Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 4B- Energy Procurement

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