Tahsenna Kahn, C.E.M.

21-Mar-2018, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 4A- CHP/Microgrid

Chair for Session 4A

Tahsenna Kahn, C.E.M.

Power Quality & Efficiency Specialist
Energy Managers LLC

In addition to being a C.E.M., consultant, licensed contractor, and electrical engineer specialized in energy efficiency, Tahseena Kahn is involved in education and student development programs, teaching, and leadership within several organizations. In 2015 she became Mentoring Committee Chair of CWEEL where she has reignited the mentoring program, worked with AEE members to recruit mentors and mentees, and has documented the program’s progress and successes. Tahseena’s experience with middle and high school students at science fairs led to her promoting scholarships for STEM programs with The Engineers’ Council. She served as a judge for the Los Angeles County, California State, Broadcom Masters, and Intel International Science Fairs. She has hired students for projects and mentored them on energy efficiency in buildings and worked with 8th grade students to investigate the effects of higher R-value wall insulation. The student originally said he wanted to major in business, but now believes he will be “a great engineer in energy efficiency.” Tahseena has developed a graduate course for the University of Southern California (USC) called High Performance Buildings as well as a master’s program, both currently under consideration. She currently participates in a pilot program by a partnership of the National Science Foundation, Lawrence Berkeley Lab, and BOMA which is certifying facilities engineers and managers as High Performance Building Operations Professionals (HPBOP).


Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 4A- CHP/Microgrid

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