Tahsenna Kahn

21-Mar-2018, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 4A- Challenges of CHP, Fuel Cells and Microgrids

Chair for Session 4A

Tahsenna Kahn

President & CEO
Energy Managers LLC

Tahseena Kahn is the President of Energy Managers LLC which provides energy efficiency related services, including energy audits and retrofits.She was the winner of the Young Energy Professional International Award in 2017 and Region V Award in 2016. She’s an electrical engineer and a licensed general contractor who pursued graduate degrees in Engineering Management, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Construction Engineering & Management from University of Southern California (USC). She is certified in 14 different credentials in energy efficiency and sustainability, including Certified Energy Manager (CEM). She has served as a judge for the Los Angeles County, California State, Broadcom Masters, and Intel International Science Fair. Her interactions with science fair students led to her mentoring middle and high school students to grow interest in STEM majors in college. This also has helped her promote scholarships for STEM programs with The Engineers’ Council. Through the Council, she has evaluated students’ project presentations for mechanical engineering students at Cal State Northridge. In 2015, she became Mentoring Committee Chair of Council of Women in Environmental Leadership (CWEEL) where she has reignited the mentoring program by working with Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) members to recruit mentors and mentees, and has documented the program’s progress and successes. She’s currently is an instructor and a co-developer in a pilot program by a partnership of the National Science Foundation, Lawrence Berkeley Lab and BOMA which is certifying facilities engineers and managers as High Performance Building Operations Professionals (HPBOP).





Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 4A- Challenges of CHP, Fuel Cells and Microgrids

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