Edward Regan

21-Mar-2019, 9:00 - 9:30AM

Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 2B- Natural Gas Demand Response

2B- The New Regulatory Landscape for Energy

Edward Regan

Strategic Utility Management LLC



New or improved demand side management (DSM) technologies, the growth of distributed energy resources (DER) such as combined heat and power and renewable energy, and energy storage are beginning to be deployed at market penetrations that affect utility load profiles and revenues.In response, utilities are beginning to reformulate their basic tariffs and are developing new regulatory constructs, which are beginning to show up in dockets across the country.The controversies that have surrounded net metering and the value of solar for establishing producer incentives, and the value of energy storage in wholesale markets that prompted FERC Order 841 are well-publicized examples.Energy managers are used to being the brunt of regulatory change, and need to be forewarned, as best possible, by the potential sea changes being considered, even if only to be prepared to seek win-win solutions and regulatory relief.This paper will identify and describe the consequences of new DSM on utility operations and revenues, and review the new retail tariffs and ISO/RTO structures that are being considered to accommodate the changing energy landscape, here and abroad.


Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 2B- Natural Gas Demand Response

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