Matt Eggers

22-Mar-2018, 2:00 - 2:30PM

Track: 2 -Energy Manager's Summit

Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

2C- The Future is Now: Increase Your Contribution by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Buildings and Beyond

Matt Eggers

Vice President, Yardi Energy
Yardi Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the world as we know it, impacting various industries, jobs and even the economy. While AI allows computers to act, learn and adapt in a way that simulates human logic and judgment, there’s still a place for us. This session will explore AI technologies already making an impact, changing society and affecting your jobs. Learn about emerging applications in commercial real estate buildings and how to leverage AI to increase your contributions to revenue and efficiency in your organization. Hear the latest use cases and what’s coming next. i. Introduction (10 minutes) a. Define AI and provide a few examples so the audience understands what it is ii. Where AI is today (10 minutes) a. Show more examples in the real estate industry iii. How AI has changed society (10 minutes) a. Cover economy, capabilities, jobs, price, etc. iv. Increase your contribution (10 minutes) a. Learn capabilities of emerging AI technologies so you can bring them into your organization and increase your contribution to revenue and efficiency v. Where is AI going next? (5 minutes) a. Years of experimentation and learning b. Discuss AI’s role in real estate. Can AI save $0.20 per square foot in energy costs and predict building maintenance needs? Will AI help you negotiate leases and set rents? When might repeatable tasks such as data entry and document lookup be automated? What are the ideal process tasks for AI to automate and which are too complicated?






Track: 2 -Energy Manager's Summit | Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

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