Lauren Mattison, C.E.M.,

21-Mar-2018, 2:00 - 2:30PM

Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit

Session: 2A- Identifying Energy Management Opportunities- Atypical Techniques

2A- Meter Your Way To Energy and Cost Savings

Lauren Mattison, C.E.M.,

Research Fellow/Engineer
University of Massachusetts Amherst, Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

In most industrial facilities, there is substantial potential to reduce operating costs through improved energy efficiency. While some of these opportunities involve significant capital investments or process changes, many only require simple modifications to existing equipment or controls at little to no implementation cost. Metering and diagnostic tools can be key in evaluating equipment performance and understanding efficiency opportunities. This session will include an introduction to several metering tools, discussion of energy efficiency measures that can be identified through metering, and a case study with real-world examples. Our presentation will be informed by experience conducting hundreds of free, in-depth audits of energy and resource use in industrial facilities as one of 28 regional centers in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Assessment Center program. Meter data can help both facility staff and external auditors to identify new efficiency opportunities, answer questions about energy use and equipment operation, quantify the savings potential from known opportunities that haven’t yet been acted upon, and prioritize implementation of opportunities. The case study describes a recent audit of a New England manufacturing facility, in which we did extensive metering to inform recommendations including reprogramming equipment to turn off or set back during off hours, installing variable frequency drives to adjust motor speed to match load requirements, and repairing leaks in the compressed air system. The company has already implemented the majority of these recommendations and realized annual energy savings of more than $100,000. Because many of the recommendations had minimal capital cost and the utility company provided incentives to support implementation, the company has seen a payback period of only a few months on their investment.


Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit | Session: 2A- Identifying Energy Management Opportunities- Atypical Techniques

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