Brooke Smallwood

20-Mar-2019, 2:00 - 2:30PM

Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 2A- CHP

2A- Big Power in a Small Package - The Rise of Micro-CHP

Brooke Smallwood

Senior Business Development Manager
WGL Energy


Imagine a new building without a central plant and greater power resilience.Imagine turning your current central plant into a revenue producing space.Decentralizing plants within buildings is a new trend enabled by the rise of new CHP technology with a smaller footprint which can literally be installed anywhere power is needed.Creating power where you need it most and the capability for instant power availability is key to reducing overall energy consumption and improving redundancy and resiliency.

Micro-CHP is the newest technology on the market today.Europe and Asia have been using this technology reliably for many years and it’s finally available here in the US.Micro-CHP will change the way facilities are built and operated.This session will introduce attendees to new technologies in CHP with a focus on energy efficiency and resiliency.



Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 2A- CHP

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