John Nott

21-Mar-2019, 9:00 - 9:30am

Track: 4 - Energy Services

Session: 4B- Commissioning and M&V

4B- Accuracy in Energy Modeling: Shining a Light in an Industry Black Box

John Nott

Principal Energy Engineer, Energy Projects Team Leader
Griffith Engineering, Inc.


Energy Models can be incredibly useful tools for evaluating energy performance in the built environment.But many non-professionals, and even professionals, do not have the tools or knowledge to evaluate accurate energy models from inaccurate models.This can be very frustrating, and a barrier to entry for many wondering whether it is worth it to spend the money to have an energy model built.

This session will discuss the driving factors that promote accuracy in energy modeling.These simple best practices can help ensure the incredibly complex nature of building energy modeling can be performed accurately and transparently.And these best practices may surprise you, as there is a lot of misinformation in the industry.

For energy modeling professionals, this session can help refine internal processes required for consistent accuracy in modeling.For buyers, and non-modeling professionals, this session will help you understand how to find the best energy modeling team and insure the energy models you commission end up as accurate and useful tools for your project.


John Nott is a Principal and the Energy Projects Team leader at Griffith Engineering Inc., in Atlanta Georgia.At Griffith Engineering, John leads a team of energy engineers that provide investment grade energy analysis services to owners, architects, utilities, and energy services companies across the globe.John has been an energy modeling professional for over 11 years and has been a part of building over 300 full building energy models.


Track: 4 - Energy Services | Session: 4B- Commissioning and M&V

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