Adam Keeling

20-Mar-2019, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 2A- CHP

2A- Supply and Demand Energy Management Successes at the University of Texas at Austin

Adam Keeling

Campus Energy Manager
University of Texas at Austin


The Energy Management and Optimization team at the University of Texas at Austin optimizes both the supply and demand sides of energy use on campus.

Despite The University’s storied CHP and district cooling successes, the following ongoing advancements have demonstrated a further 10-15% CHW production efficiency improvement from our 0.66kW/ton average.

-Geographically-targeted flow control improvements at CS5 to substantially reduce overall campus DP.

-CS5.3 VSD retrofit and flow balancing strategy w/CS6.

-Controls strategies allowing charge/discharge synchronization of multiple, hydraulically-diverse TES installations to optimize power peak-shaving.

-Reducing chiller lift via weather-based CHW temperature and pressure resets.

-New CTG8 IAC coil, with selection targeted at enabling year-round CHWS reset.

Demand-side efforts have resulted in overall EUI reduction of 20% since 2011. This has been achieved through reprogramming existing sequence of operations, HVAC scheduling, lighting retrofits, and new construction commissioning. At the Performing Arts Center, over 1000 incandescent, halogen, and CFL lamps were replaced with LEDs alongside resequencing HVAC controls and scheduling of large events at Bass Concert Hall. Target EUIs for new construction were used to catch high energy use in the Health Learning Building during the commissioning phase that reduced the building energy use by 23%.




Track: 2 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 2A- CHP

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