John DeMarche

22-Mar-2018, 3:30 - 4:00PM

Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions

Session: 4C- Advancements in Cooling Technologies

4C- Enhancing Condenser Heat Transfer & Associated Energy Savings

John DeMarche

Business Development Manager
RetroCool Energy Services, Inc.

Air-cooled refrigeration and air-conditioning systems perform at their very worst at the exact time when they are needed most. On hot summer days, the same system that produces 95 tons of cooling at 85°F ambient produces just 82 tons at 115°F. That’s a 14% reduction in capacity. Over that same temperature range, the system’s power draw increases by some 31%.

In recent years, an increasing number of air-cooled systems have experienced inadequate upper ambient cooling capacity. The causes for this include: rising global temperatures, more refrigerant change outs, new regulations that have increased fresh air needs, aging condensers, and higher internal loads.

A frequently overlooked cause of degraded system performance is the heated condenser exhaust air, instead of being discharged vertically, is discharged at an angle towards the condenser coils. There, it combines with the incoming condenser air to raise its temperature. Since heat flows more easily from hot to cold, the hotter incoming air inhibits heat transfer from the coil. That causes head pressures to rise, cooling capacity to fall, and energy usage to increase. The addition of RetroVent modules to the outlet of the condenser fans rectifies these problems.

Essentially, RetroVents are steel cylinders with fixed internal blades set at an angle. As air passes through the RetroVent and across its blades, it exits the top in a vortex. This sends the air upwards at a sufficiently high velocity to prevent it from mixing with the incoming condenser air. As a result, the temperature of the air is lowered, allowing it to extract more heat from the condenser coil. This increases the peak ambient cooling capacity of the system, lowers head pressures, extends compressor life, and reduces maintenance costs.



Track: 4 - Advanced Energy Solutions | Session: 4C- Advancements in Cooling Technologies

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