Erich Fritz

Ed Kiser, P.E.

22-Mar-2018, 3:00 - 3:30PM

Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit

Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

2C- Energy Efficiency Integrating Process and Facility while Assuring Ocean Spray of Performance

Erich Fritz

Vice President, Research & Development, Quality & Technology
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.

Ed Kiser, P.E.

Director of Engineering
Worthington Energy Innovations

Ocean Spray opened a new juice bottling facility in Breinigsville, PA in 2014. Partnering with Worthington Energy Innovations (WEI), the facility was designed and constructed with several energy efficient technologies that reduced the energy consumption of the facility by 23% as compared to the original design. This facility was the first in North America to use hot water for juice pasteurization instead of steam. This session will explore the hot water, heat recovery, pressurized ventilation, and other technologies that enabled these energy savings. In addition, the Ocean Spray and WEI deal structure will be examined. In this energy partnership, an independent entity was created to own the assets that deliver process utilities to Ocean Spray. The structure reduced the capital required from Ocean Spray to fund plant construction. A utility service agreement was created where WEI guarantees over one million dollars of annual energy savings which is supported by an insurance policy from an “AA” rated company. This structure becomes more rewarding for Ocean Spray over the life of the contract, as their savings increase year over year. In summary, this innovation enabled Ocean Spray to leverage WEI technologies and specialized solutions where instead of buying assets that wear out, they have the opportunity to buy performance, with 100% guarantee and warranty. Ocean Spray is empowered to remain focused on their core business of the blending and packaging of juice while holding WEI accountable for utilities and energy performance.


Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit | Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

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