Francesca Marini, M.Eng., C.M.V.P.

22-Mar-2018, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit

Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

2C- Effective Energy Management in Aluminium Die-casting

Francesca Marini, M.Eng., C.M.V.P.

Industrial Energy Manager
Studio Ing. Marini

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The case study refers to an aluminum foundry and diecasting company with a plant in Italy and an annual casting production of 6,000 tons. The company is working as tier two supplier in the automotive industry with a growth rate of 25% per year over the last 3 years. Its energy consumption is 2,500 TEP / year and energy spending affects 7% on sales. In 2015, it started an energy efficiency project carrying out a plant's energy audit and in 2016 the company implemented an Energy Management System and obtained the ISO 50001 certification. To date, the results achieved are: Energy baseline (Statistical Energy Model) Energy monitoring (> 70% of monitored consumption) Action Plan with Low-Cost energy conservation measures (Maintenance) Capital intensive investments (new melting furnace) with M & V Plan (IPMVP compliant) A 10% saving in energy efficiency equivalent to a saving of 150.000 Energy performance target achieved (0.40 TEP / kg) A cross-discipline energy team led by the energy manager Energy culture and employees’ awareness established Legislative compliance in the energy field All activities have been carried out according to a process that complies with the technical regulations and standards (ISO 50001, UNI CEI EN 16247: 2014, ISO 50015). Periodically, the Energy Team reviews the energy model, plans new energy efficiency measures and systematically checks the results of the ongoing measures with specific Measurement and Savings Assessment plans. The consciousness of consumer patterns generates new ideas for efficiency actions. The experience gained is now used to define the energy performance of a new plant under construction.




Track: 2 - Energy Manager's Summit | Session: 2C- Industrial End-User Success Stories & Results

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