Andrew Pride

Alina Racoviceanu, C.E.M.

21-Mar-2019, 2:00 -2:30PM

Track: 4 - Energy Services

Session: 4C- Policy, Program, and Financing... What You Need to Know

4C- Energy Code Evolution in Canada

Andrew Pride

Andrew Pride Consulting

Alina Racoviceanu, C.E.M.

Smith + Anderson



Similar to Europe and the U.S., Canada will soon develop energy codes for existing buildings, to be called Alterations to Existing Buildings (AEB).

In Canada, each Province develops/publishes its own energy code, based on the national model.Furthermore, Toronto and Vancouver developed their own energy code versions, while innovative jurisdictions use Tiered/Stepped codes promoting more progressive energy use levels. Various definitions for thermal energy demand intensities along with an inconsistent inclusion of carbon intensities can cause confusion amongst designers/builders, while the AEB code will impact a larger audience.

Can a new-tiered national energy code bring consistency across Canada?Can this code be a starting point in creating the AEB code? What compliance path will these codes adopt, (e.g., ENERGY STARĀ®, etc.); will mandatory reporting be integral to their requirements; can/will voluntary programs (e.g. LEED™) inform these codes? Will the AEB codes provide concrete solutions for improvement or resume stating the minimum requirements for professionals to interpret?Should Carbon intensities and/or peak electrical demand be factored into these codes?

The authors will analyze these questions in their quest to discover the industry's role in ensuring energy codes are effectively adopted/enforced.


Andrew Pride established his consulting company to help organizations profitably grow and transform in the areas of environmental sustainability, climate change and energy conservation.

Andrew Pride has created energy services start-ups from within organizations such as General Electric and Johnson Controls.He was the executive leader accountable for the transformation of the Minto Group from a quality builder to an internationally recognized green leader.

Prior to Andrew Pride Consulting, Andrew grew the conservation effort as Vice President of Conservation at the Ontario Power Authority.His ConserVision

2020 strategy lead to the renewed energy conservation plan in Ontario - doubling of targets with a $3 billion budget to make it happen.




Track: 4 - Energy Services | Session: 4C- Policy, Program, and Financing... What You Need to Know

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