Mike Easton

21-Mar-2019, 2:30 - 3:00PM

Track: 3 - Big Data & IoT

Session: 3C- Metering

3C- Benefits of a Wireless Meter System, Water and Electrical

Mike Easton

Vice President, Eastern Sales



Progress and innovation continue to advance within the metering industry.

With each household expected to have over 50 “Internet of Things”-enabled devices by 2050, this shows the popularization and need for “smart” devices. Metering is no different. Gone are the days of physically reading meters; Current trends dictate at least some type of wired meter reading with an associated managed service to streamline revenue collection.However, with wired connections come an increased cost associated with it: Electrical contractors have to be hired, materials have to be purchased, and a higher utility consumption is expected.

What if you could take the benefits of a wired system, but forgo the wires? A new trend in the industry is emerging: Wireless metering. We will cover new topics such as the benefits of using low-power, wide-range receivers, as well as introducing new mechanical products that can wirelessly communicate with your preferred meter reading system. All non-proprietary, all new.


Michael Easton is the Vice President of QMC Metering Solutions for Eastern Canada. Michael manages the national commercial and institutional portfolio accounts. Michael has been a partner with QMC Metering Solutions since 2006 and has spent over 10 years focusing on business development in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime and International Submetering Markets.





Track: 3 - Big Data & IoT | Session: 3C- Metering

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