Tyson Slocum

Mike Jacobs

21-Mar-2019, 3:00-3:30PM

Track: 4- Energy Services

Session: 4C- Policy, Programs, and Financing... What You Need to Know

4C- Deciphering ISO-NE, NEPOOL, CASPR & FERC: Understanding the Acronyms Driving New England Energy/Climate Policy

Tyson Slocum

Energy Program Director
Public Citizen, Inc.

Mike Jacobs

Sr. Energy Analyst
Union of Concerned Scientists


Electricity policy in New England is driven by policies developed, deliberated and voted by participants in a private organization called NEPOOL, which serves as the stakeholder forum for ISO-New England, the private manager of New England’s power market. 2018 saw NEPOOL and ISO-NE develop fundamental changes for the region with the implementation of the Competitive Auctions with Sponsored Policy Resources (CASPR) initiative. Faced with increased renewable energy capacity spurred by state legislative or regulatory mandates, non-renewable generators in New England complained that the incoming renewable capacity would drive power prices – and their profits – down. Given the expensive and environmental/climate implications of this new CASPR policy, you’d think that more attention would be paid to the two private groups – NEPOOL and ISO-NE – that are driving these policy decisions. Tyson Slocum with Public Citizen in Washington, DC, and Mike Jacobs with the Union of Concerned Scientists in Boston will discuss the transparency and governance reforms needed at both NEPOOL and ISO-NE to ensure that all stakeholders have an equal seat at the policy deliberation table.


Tyson Slocum is director of Public Citizen's Energy Program, covering the regulation of petroleum, natural gas and power markets. Tyson promotes an equitable energy transition that provides distributed renewable energy generation and sustainable transportation solutions for working families. Tyson serves on the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory Committee, and frequently intervenes before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission representing the interests of household consumers. Tyson presents his research in congressional testimony and appears regularly in the media, including guest appearances on The Colbert Report. Tyson is a member of the faculty at the University of Maryland Honors College, where he teaches energy and climate policy. Prior to joining Public Citizen in 2000, Tyson served as an analyst with the Institute on Taxation & Economic Policy. Follow him on Twitter @TysonSlocum.


Track: 4- Energy Services | Session: 4C- Policy, Programs, and Financing... What You Need to Know

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