Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC

Founded in 1979, Unilux Advanced Manufacturing, LLC is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial boilers. The company’s products – Unilux, Evolv and Force Power – are built at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Niskayuna, New York for delivery to critical-use facilities throughout North America. The company also manufactures ASME Section IV, I and VIII vessels and a variety of tanks, as well as custom engineered solutions and contract manufacturing. Unilux is the only manufacturer who offers field erect boilers in both firetube and watertube designs that are Listed by Underwriters Laboratories stringent UL2106 procedure. Unilux takes great pride in building boilers that operate at the highest efficiencies, last decades and demonstrate their value through thoughtful design that makes routine maintenance simple and efficient. In service at hospitals, factories, stadiums, colleges and universities, hotels, convention centers, large retail facilities and military installations, Unilux products are ready to meet any industrial, commercial or institutional demand.

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