Martin Energy Group

Martin Energy Group is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of complete power plant packages. Generator Controls, Switchgear, SCADA Systems, Cogeneration Packages, All Gaseous Fuel Powered Generator Sets, Power Modules, Packages & Enclosures, Specialty Power Systems, Power Support & Service. We also offer a complete line of ancillary components such as Gas Scrubbing Equipment, Gas Conditioning, Flare Systems, Carbon Monitoring Equipment. Waste Heat Recovery systems for the Exhaust gases, Jacket Water, and Oil Cooler. Absorption Chilling is also a new technology to reduce wasted heat and optimizing your systems capacity. Since 1976, Martin Energy Group has built it's business and reputation on meeting the needs of our customers. We evaluate each project and engineer solutions that meet or exceed our customers expectations. By evaluating the entire customer needs prior to completing the engineering and design. We can manufacture, assemble the project in our facilities and conduct comprehensive testing prior to the shipment and installation. Your "ONE STOP SHOP" Martin Energy Group has the capacity and full range of power generation products. To provide each and every customer with a "Balance of Plant" Product that integrates all of the components into a totally coordinated project.

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